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ENSENADA (1 photos)
ENSENADA Preview Image HOW AVENTURA BEGAN We were living and renting in North Miami Beach a looking to find a place to buy and own. An advertisement appeared in the newspaper and we went to see the plan on NE 199th and Biscayne. The layout of the development looked great. After finding out what the development was going to be a condominium we decided to place a down payment on an apartment. The building would take about a year. We kept checking the progress and in December of 1971 we were advice that the apartment would be ready to move into. Ensenada was the first to be occupied. Bravura and Biscaya were to be built next. Then soon after high rises were being built all around. We being the first to move in saw all the building go up around us. As the years when by, Banks, publix supermarket and the surrounding land was built out. In 1995 Our area became the City of Aventura. We have progressed into a wonderful city with a police department, major mall, emergency services and a free shuttle bus in many places. Improvements continue to be made and Aventura has become what we expected. It is one of the nicest areas to live in. We are in close proximity to everything we need. Ed Gretz
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Ensenada (8 photos)
Ensenada Preview Image ENSENADA Ensenada was the first building built in Aventura. Two separate buildings built totaling 276 units, a recreation hall and pool on the water. The property stretched a city block with three entrances. We had bushes, landscaping and over 50 threes. Originally Aventura was created to be a place for people to come and get away from the northern cold winter weather and enjoy life in the sun. Later the golf courses and beautiful country club were major attractions. Ensenada was completed in November 1971 and the first unit owners, mostly winter residents, moved in. Others were retirees looking for a place to grow old graciously. In 1975 after all the units were sold, the owners took over. Elected a president and a small board of directors, immediately a social club was formed. At the time, the recreation room had a stage. A piano was purchased and placed on the stage. Lights were put up, table and chairs were purchased, and a small kitchen was built. In addition, pool table Gym equipment was purchased. Ensenada was ready to �Rock and Roll� and we did!
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